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Founded more than a decade ago by Michel and Diley, our journey began with a partnership with a company in 2015. Over time, they explored new opportunities and were captivated by the passion of entrepreneurship and transforming homes through your specialty and excellence in flooring services.

As a family company, we focus on providing the best for the families of our clients. With qualified & dedicated professionals ready to handle the renovation, installation, repair, and finishes, constantly improving and reaching the highest standard possible to exceed your expectations.

Located in Framingham, MA, we’re ready to meet all your needs and enhance the beauty of your home.

Learn more about our founders:

The Hardwood Brothers’ history started approximately 10 years ago, with Michel and Diley coming to the US to build their families and begin their professional journey.

Their dedication to providing excellence in every project consolidated the company’s reputation as a leader in the sector.

Michel – Specialists in Flooring and working as the general construction manager since the founding of the company, Michel is one of the pillars that ensures a high-standard service and delivery to our clients.

Diley – Also specialized in flooring, he’s the pillar that works directly with management and execution of our projects, ensuring high-quality satisfying results for your floors.

Count on the experts and guarantee impeccable flooring for longer!


To offer our customers the experience of a transformation, turning their visions into reality through exceptional flooring services. We're committed to offering high-quality solutions, from flooring installation to refinishing, all to enhance our long-lasting relationships with our customers.


To be the reference in quality and reliability in the flooring business, reflecting our confidence and satisfaction in every project. We want to stand out in the Framingham, MA area for providing the comfort and beauty the residents of this area deserve while innovating and improving our skills.


- Outstanding Quality
- Commitment
- Professionalism
- Excellence
- Innovation
- Responsibility
- Respect

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